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Euclid's RPN Calculator
In the early 1970's, Hewlett Packard introduced the HP-35, a pocket sized, battery powered, memory stack driven, Reverse Polish Notation calculator that soon made the slide rule obsolete.

A few years later the personal computer was introduced and LivingSoftware developed an RPN Calculator for the "DeskTop".

Since then, the simple elegance of RPN has continued to increase in popularity and appeal for a widening base of users and LivingSoftware has continued to add features and useability to RPN for your system.

More about Euclid's RPN
Announcing LivingSoftware's Enclid's RPN version 5 for Windows Free  

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Make managing your photos and images a snap! Using Enigma's Explorer-type interface, you can quickly view, organize and edit your photos, and Enigma will scramble your private images with a password!

This sleek little utility is a free download for Computers running Windows


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